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About GreenHelps.org

GreenHelps.org is an eco-friendly, non-political, non-activist, website developed and provided by WeekendRUSH.com, with the help of green enthusiasts like yourself.

Our mission is to equip consumers with the tools and knowledge to live a more conscious and responsible lifestyle. Our site is filled with useful articles that provide simple, helpful, ideas that can help anyone affordably work their way to being more green; positively impacting the planet and global community in the process. Being green doesn't always mean spending a ton of money, but rather living a more simple lifestyle of awareness and saving where you can. Rather than pushing people to jump into the green lifestyle, we encourage people to take steps. As you choose what to put into practice, you will soon become a believer. We will guide you to the best solutions and the how-to, the rest is up to you.

GreenHelps.org is organized in three major categories: Family, Living, and Money. Our goal is to provide each individual with resources that will fit your current lifestyle and to help you reach your personal goals in living eco-friendly. In addition to helpful articles, we bring you the latest in useful tips and ideas, product suggestions and reviews, and offer quick-and-easy access to great green-friendly websites and blogs from across the web.

Editorial Policy
Content on Green Helps is not meant to replace the advice of a doctor or health professional. Every content page on Green Helps carries a link to our disclaimer, which outlines this policy in detail.

We strive to deliver great content in an easy-to-use way and want to hear your feedback on how you think we're doing. Please use the Feedback link in the bottom of this page to send your comments. We also run surveys on our site from time to time and encourage you to participate. Your feedback is important to us and helps us improve our site offerings.

Green Helps Content
The content on Green Helps comes from a variety of sources; including websites and individual contributors. Every contributor to Green Helps is called an editor. To determine the source of an article please see the upper right hand corner of the article body.

Writer Submission Guidelines
If you're interested in being considered for freelance for Green Helps, read our submission guidelines.
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