Investing in the Environment

Tue, Jun 27, 2017
Green Investing - Your Money
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Investing in the Environment, is there such a thing?
Yes, it is called 'green' investing.  Does it mean investing in recycled toilet paper, cloth diapers, or bamboo flooring?  Maybe.  If you were to ask a 'green financial advisor' they  might give you an answer like, "by investing in green business you are green investing."  But what is hard about that statement is, which companies really fit the bill of being authentically eco-friendly, not just trying to use the term "green" as a way to generate investors.
Here is a good illustrated example.  If I told you that a plastics company was a good investment prospect.  You might look at me in dismay after hearing about how horrible and toxic plastic is in every publication that you read.  So therefore you might dismiss a plastic company off-hand as a green investment.  But what if I told you this was a bio-plastic company that was taking a product like potatoes and turning it in to a plastic looking container that would biodegrade when thrown into your compost pile.  Would this statement make you rethink your first reaction?  What if I told you that this plastic company was making plastic bags, plastic forks, plastic cups and even plastic wrapping that was toxic free and good for the environment, especially if it were to replace all the current un-biodegradable and toxic plastics being used right now.  Would this change your mind?
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The practicality of Green Investing
The problem you see is that in one had the production of plastic is hardly eco-friendly, even if it is producing a biodegradable material.  On the other hand, by replacing the entire stock of non-compostable and toxic plastics that reside on our Earth with a new and improved eco-friendly version that would not cause damage to our environment, is a great idea that could combat Global Warming.
 So, What to do?

You may be thinking this is too much of a hassle and just reject the whole "green" investing idea completely.  This is alright, since there is nothing wrong with choosing to invest in something that is more familiar and you know will prove solid, but it is important to realize that green investing is part of the grand equation of solving our Earths resource depletion problem.  Moving towards a new paradigm of green living, renewable energy and social justice is a very complex reality but one that will have to be tackled, and one way to start is to invest in green companies even if it will take a little bit of research.
 Be open minded

In summary, green investing is investing in a business or businesses that are using sustainable practices and following steps to be friendlier to our environment, and ultimately moving our global economy to a more sustainable way of life.  Weather you are involved by taking huge leaps and bounds to invest whole heartedly or just dabbling a little, every little bit counts because ultimately we all need to be investing in green business' at some point in order to make a collective difference.  Remember your first step is to seek information from a green financial advisor or from resources like Investopedia, or Co-op America, or The Social Investment Forum, which all are good places to start.  And always remember that just like all other investments, even green ones can have a low time, especially when our economy is changing.
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