What is Organic, For Kids

Tue, Jun 27, 2017
Green Family Education for Kids (© iStockPhoto)
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Teach your kids the definition of what organic really means.

So, I was at the park with my kids, and they were playing with some other kids who were eating some sort of (un-organic) snack. My son asked the other kid what he was eating, and if it was Organic. The other kid looked at him like he was crazy and said, "what is Organic?" And my kid said "well, is it good for you, is it made from the earth, ya know...not with chemicals or toxins?" The other kid looked so perplexed, that I felt bad!
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I was so proud of my son, though, that I decided to make a post to all you moms (and dads), to teach your kids what Organic is, so when another kid asks him/her what it means, they can actually explain it! I found this great post on the O'mama report about an activity to do with your kids to teach them how things become 'certified organic'. Of course this activity is made for 6th graders and up, but it has some good ideas! Check it out, and do it with your kids, it is important that they learn this now! Now if your kids are still young like mine, just explain to them aspects of Organic, like how farmers of un-organic farms use certain chemicals (which explains are harsh sprays that kill bugs made by people not nature) to kill bugs. Explain that this is not only mean to the bugs, but it ends up becoming trapped into our foods as a result. Same with processed foods. Explain how processed foods contain unhealthy things like fat from animals and laboratory made compounds instead of fresh food from the earth (remind your kids of how eating from the garden is the best because the food grows out of the ground. Food in packages can't come from the ground, right?)

It may seem confusing to them at first, but the more you try and explain, the more they grasp!

Here is the link to the activity for 6th grade plus: What's Organic?
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