Six Tips to an Eco-child Friendly Home

Tue, Jun 27, 2017
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One of the first things I did when I decided I wanted to be an eco-mama, is I ecofied my home. The Eco-friendlier your home the lower your children's exposure to harmful chemicals are, and it only takes a few easy steps. You will feel better, your kids will feel better, and you may even be warding off sickness and future diseases that could effect your family.

1) Clean out your kids toys. Get ride of all plastic toys! If you have scene the news lately there is a huge recall on Thomas the Train and Fischer Price toys, claiming there could be toxic lead leeching from these toys. Rid your home of these plastic toxic toys and possibly save your kids life. To avoid other recalls, make sure to only purchase toys made with wood, metal or cloth.
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2) Toss out Chemical Cleaners. It is hard to toss things out, but replacing toxic cleaners with chlorine-free, phosphate free, biodegradable and organic products is imperative.

3) Get some fresh air flow going through your home. By changing your air filters you can clean the air in your home significantly. Open windows to cut down on energy costs and keep the air you breath clean and healthy. And if you have never had your ducts cleaned, do it. Over time, dust and debris cling to the sides of your air ducts, spreading harm throughout your home every time you turn it on. Another good idea is to think about replacing your filter vacuum with a filter less product like the Dyson.

4) Feed your kids Organic Foods. Did you know that children receive 50% of their lifetime cancer risks in the first two years of life. (Source: Environmental Protection Agency). So save your kids from harm by buying 100% Organic foods including and lots of fruits and vegetables, and Organic Whole-Grain snacks.

5) Go Green Outside. Toss out chemical fertilizers, un-organic insecticides and weed killers, all which could harm your kids while they are out to play. Instead purchase natural products to use on your lawn and gardening, and look in to using the Xeriscape method on your yard, which involves using plants native to your homes environment that need the minimum amount of water, can save on water and maintenance costs by up to 60%!

6) Swap out your homes lights. Kids love to turn the lights on, and forget to turn them off. By simply changing out the light bulbs in your home you can save the MOST money and energy. If you only switch out five of the highest use fixtures in your home, which are typically found in the kitchen, living or family rooms, with ENERGY STAR qualified lighting you can save up to 75% less energy than your standard lighting. And, they last ten times longer. Go to to get all the information you might need to ENERGY STAR your home.

Take this information, and get busy moms and dads....this is your life, your kids lives, and you deserve to live long and healthy, and to do that it is necessary to take these steps!
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