Green Home Tips, by Room

Tue, Jun 27, 2017
Green Home Tips (© iStockPhoto)
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Living Room

Start off with assessing the things you have in the room. If you have a lot of electronic equipment, make sure that they are all plugged in to one power strip so that at night or when you are not using them, you can turn the whole lot off. If you have a computer nook in the corner, do the same thing by plugging all things associated with

your computer into a power strip. Just by doing this, you could save up to $200 annually on your electric bill, which would also equal about 480 pounds of emissions.
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*Monitor your electricity usage with this new device.  The Kill A Watt EZ, can easily monitor how much an item may cost you daily, weekly and monthly.  Just by plugging in the electronic device to the Kill A Watt, which is plugged into your wall outlet, it will give you a survey of that devices energy usage, even when your not using it, allowing you to see how much energy is wasted just by leaving your electronics plugged in when your out.


Compost your food scraps:  The easiest way to curve your impact on the environment is to start composting.  Half eaten sandwiches, fruit and veggies discards, egg shells, and all leftovers can go into a kitchen Compositor, which will help to reduce your trash by at least 50%.  Contact your Waste Management Company to find out if they can provide you with a kitchen compost pail, which once full, you can dump into your yard debris can to be taken away by the Garbage truck to the state composting facility.

*When we count only the uneaten portions of meals and waste from food preparation, such as trimming produce, Americans throw away 163 pounds of food per person per year.  Go to for more information on home composting.


Slow the water flow.  By turning the faucet off when brushing your teeth can save up to 10 quarts of water each time.  If you do the math, if you brush your teeth twice a day that's 20 quarts per day, which will be well over 500,000 quarts over a persons lifetime.

*Install low flow aerating fittings to your faucets and showers to reduce water flow by 50%.

Home Office

Printing with a conscience:  When shopping for a new printer or replacing an old, look for an inkjet model which uses about a sixth of the energy that a laser printer uses.  If you have to have a laser printer, seek out the ones with the energy saver feature that will reduce energy when idling by 65%.

*Save paper when printing by purchasing GreenPrint, which will alert you to those almost blank pages (ahem…Google maps) before each print job and lets you decide weather or not you want to print.

Whole Home

Mind the gap:  To prevent heat or air conditioning from sneaking out, fix your weather-stripping by using long lasting metal strips or foam around windows, doors and even your mail slots.  Make sure the gaps between the baseboards and the floor are plugged with base molding.

*reuse old mismatched large socks by stuffing them with old rags or cut up towels, stitch them closed and place them along the bottom of your doors to block the drafts.


Install Solar Drapes.  Yes, it is true; you can replace your drapes with ones that block solar heat during the summer and store up heat during the winter.  Try these Insulated Tab Top Panel Curtains by (See Insulated Tab-Top Curtain Panels)

*Go organic when choosing a mattress.  Look for one filled with Organic materials such as Organic cotton, coconut fiber or horsehair.  These mattresses direct body moisture more effectively than unhealthy synthetic mattresses, and they are produced with very little environmental impact, unlike conventional mattresses.
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