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More Useful Green Ways to Save and Help

Opt for small-oven or stove-top cooking when preparing small meals.

Read labels. Eat organic or less-processed foods.

Write to computer chip manufacturers and urge them to stop using CFC-113 as a solvent.

Water the garden with an underground drip system.

Buy energy-efficient appliances.

Don't speed; accelerate and slow down gradually.

Invite ten friends to visit everyday

Invest your money in environmentally and socially conscious businesses.

Run clothes washers full, but don't overload them.

Close off unused areas in your home from heat and air conditioning.

Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows.

Install an air-assisted or composting toilet.

Stay informed about the state of the Earth.

Imagine the kind of Earth you would like to see for your grandchildren's grandchildren.

Avoid rainforest products, and inform the supplier or manufacturer of your concerns.

Support zero population growth.

Run for local office on an environmental platform.

Air-dry your laundry when possible.

Plant deciduous shade trees that protect windows from summer sun but allow it in during the winter.

Insulate your home.

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