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Living With Ed - Season 1 DVD

Video Description: Ed Begley is a dedicated environmentalist. No, letís face it - Ed is a little obsessed, but heís good at it. So whatís it like living with Ed? After thirteen years together, Ed likes to believe heís winning his wife Rachelle over to his green lifestyle and sometimes odd contraptions. But itís love and laughter that puts the fun in dysfunction and obviously keeps this seemingly mismatched Hollywood couple together. Hang out with Ed as he tinkers with his solar roof, makes toast with a bicycle and rides in Jay Lenoís 1909 Baker electric car. Or you could just roll your eyes along with Rachelle, but youíll be too busy laughing. Approx 180 mins.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

5 Ways to reduce your 'carbon footprint'

Solarize Your Home With Gaiam

An Inconvenient Truth DVD

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